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Susan from Queenbeez & Honey Limited

These great specials are available this weekend only on Saturday from the Christchurch Farmers Market, Deans Bush from 9 - 1pm and on Sunday from our Honey Shop, 10 - 3pm at 763 Poyntzs Road, Eyrewell Forest.
We have a great range of gift ideas for the festive season to suit all budgets as well as our full range of great Honeys and bee products including our Fudges, Honey Drops, Soaps, Balms, etc

Check out our website for our full range at www.thebeekeepershoney.nz...

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Te Reo Māori

Kaiako from Katokomauri

Tēnā koe, (greetings to you)
I hope you are all keeping safe.
Ngā mihi

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Matt Doocey, MP for Waimakariri

Matt Doocey for MP

You’re not isolated. I’m here to link you into the help you need.

My team and I are working virtually from home. We’re set up ready to respond and connect with you by phone or email.
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Trading/swapping/gifting during lockdown.

Gina from Swannanoa - Ohoka

Hi everyone, I hope everyone is staying safe and well in their 'bubbles' during this uncertain time.
Our grandparents and for some of you, parents, endured uncertain and far more dangerous times during WW2. Rationing of everything, the' make do and mend' mantra that one was constantly reminded to do, 'dig for victory' where flower gardens and grass in parks and private gardens was given over to produce veggies. We are by no means at any of those stages where we dont have access to food, its just the getting it thats the problem for some. Which brings me to my point, one which i struggle with personally but its in the best interests of everyone and that is trading, swapping, gifting , whatever you like to call it, of excess fruit and veggies, toys, puzzles, etc etc. While its a lovely kind thought to share with others, it also brings about the possibility of sharing the very thing we're trying to eliminate, the virus. We have been told to socially distance ourselves from others , to sanitise, wash our hands, practice good cough and sneeze etiquette. If we fail to isolate to minimise the transference of this virus we will be in lockdown for longer. So please, please please, stay at home in safety with your families, dont go out to pick up items from others, dont put essential service personnel in danger by having an accident while you're out and about because youre desperate for ping-pong balls or veggie seedlings. Those things can wait. Order online. There are many more websites that are opening up to provide essential items. Phone those who dont have the internet and place an order for what they need for them perhaps. Go home, stay home and do your bit by helping everyone else stay safe too. Together we can all beat this!