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Simon from MTF Finance Northlands, Personal and business lending

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4 days ago

Tricks and flips will be honed at extended Christchurch skate park

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press

Skateboarders will have more room to practise their ollies, board slides and toe flips following a decision to extend a Christchurch skate park.

The small St Albans park will be enlarged following concern among local residents that it does not cater to beginner skateboarders and scooter users.

Over the next nine months, a low pyramid, “wallie” ledge and a rectangular grind rail for tricks will replace the area’s double rollover bumps, while a cork-type surface will protect the skate area from gravel.

A small barrier section at the top of a quarter pipe will also protect pedestrians using the nearby path.

Work will begin in October and is expected to be finished by April.

3 days ago

Christchurch recycling in a mess as hundreds of tonnes sent needlessly to landfill

Nicole Mathewson Reporter from The Press

Christchurch has not managed to get its recycling correct for a single day in the past nine weeks, leaving hundreds of tonnes needlessly being sent to landfill.

Council rubbish collectors have had to dump contaminated residential yellow bin waste every day since May 4, when recycling facility EcoCentral reopened after the coronavirus lockdown.

In that time 635 truckloads of recycling have had to be thrown away – almost half of what has been collected, or about 3175 tonnes. The problem, caused by people throwing non-recyclable waste into their yellow bins, has cost ratepayers about $635,000. Read more here.

18 hours ago

Poll: Should Kiwis be entitled to more sick leave?

The Team Reporter from Stuff

With Covid-19 still a very real risk, people who are unwell are told to stay home, and to keep any sickly kids home too - but what if you don't have any more sick leave owing?

Most Kiwis are entitled to five days of sick leave a year, but some - often those in lower paid jobs - get less.

New Zealand’s minimum sick leave allowance is one of the lowest in the OECD. In Australia they get 10 days, in most European countries it’s even more.

Should Kiwis be entitled to more sick leave?

To read more, click here.

Should Kiwis be entitled to more sick leave?
  • 59.4% Yes, five days is not enough
    59.4% Complete
  • 13.6% No, I never use mine up anyway
    13.6% Complete
  • 27% Entitlement should be assessed on a case-by-case basis
    27% Complete
1896 votes