438 days ago

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Simon from

Hi neighbours, can anyone name the street this tram is travelling on?

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2 days ago

Scare Crow in the Hood.

Robbie from Bishopdale

Hi all.

I hope your all well, prepared ,stocked up and staying informed.
Our immediate thoughts go out to all those who are currently and or will be affected in some way with this nasty virus rapidly spreading so quickly.
With the country at Level Four - Eliminate lock down I guess some of us might be Covid fatigued .
Our family haven't reached this point yet I don't think we will as we are carrying out our plan which includes self isolating within our bubble like the majority of others are doing and keeping active with the kids.

Today we decided to make a Scare Crow to put up out on the front lawn of our house to bring a smile to those driving or walking past.
The response has been instant.
Cameras have been flashing with plenty of smiles from people waving .
We've had a laugh watching peoples reactions.
I recommend others to have a go imagine a street filled with Scare Crows -something the kids enjoyed making.
If your in our hood were located at 29 Breens Road -Bishopdale..
Kia Kaha.
Keep safe and self care.
Robbie .

17 hours ago

Christchurch recycling temporarily halted during Covid-19 crisis

Anna Williams Reporter from The Press

Mixed paper, plastic and glass from Christchurch and Banks Peninsula households will go to landfill, instead of being recycled. If people are struggling to fit all their general rubbish in their red wheelie bin during the lockdown, they can put excess in the yellow wheelie bin - temporarily.

4 days ago

Easter 🐣

Alison Neighbourly Lead from Avonhead

Do you think the supermarkets should be open over the Easter public holidays, being Good Friday and Easter Sunday?