47 days ago

Porcelain Doll Maker.

Murray and Margaret from Broomfield - Hei Hei

Can anyone help me. My late wife was a porcelain doll maker. While having a tidyup I found one of her dolls with her eyes pushed into her head. Can anyone point me to a doll maker who can repair her for me?

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1 day ago

Save the Pool but delay the Cycleway until it is safe

Marc from Hornby

The City Council is currently reviewing its Annual Plan due to the effect of COVID and what savings can be made but we don’t believe they should take the easy option and make Hornby the scapegoat for all of Christchurch's COVID-19 savings, we have been overlooked for far too long, it is our turn now, please don't delay!

We have become aware that some of our Christchurch City Councilors are looking to delay, even shelve the South West Leisure Centre/Hornby Library complex but at the same time push ahead with the South Express Cycle way through Hornby

We believe the South West Leisure Centre/Hornby Library complex should go ahead. It will create jobs in its construction and create jobs in the future once completed and while we agree with having a cycle way, construction can’t start until such time as the safety concerns that Hornby Residents have with its current proposal are addressed – especially the safety issues around Waterloo Road.

What can we do as Hornby Residents? We are one strong community and together we can unite and fight for our facility and make sure our concerns are heard.

Sign the Petition at:

1 day ago

Egg cartons

Susan from Hornby

I have several egg cartons and a couple of egg trays if anyone wants them.

1 day ago

Vehicle stolen

Kevin / Janet from Burnside

Please be aware and vigilant as car thieves continue to operate. We had our 1991 Toyota Landcruiser stolen from our driveway on Friday night ( Burnside area ). The lock would have been forced and the vehicle hotwired.