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The struggle is real

Toetu from Opawa - Saint Martins

I've been clean and sober for the longest part of my life now since I was 13 years old. It feels good to be able to breathe and not hear my lungs wheezing or to cough and not have any phlegm choking my throat. I still miss the high though but definitely not the lifestyle. Although I’m clean, I still act like I’m not sometimes. I guess there are parts of that life that is still a part of me now but not controlling me anymore. Addiction is a hard life to get out of and stay out of. But trust me, when you break that chain, watch your world change.

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John from Woolston

The Government elections are being held, at this stage, in September. The other referendum that we will have to vote on is the END OF LIFE CHOICE. This referendum will be binding, dependant upon the YES vote reaching 50% or more.
I am interested to get some idea of what people are thinking so here are some salient points to consider.
Don't depend on the polls, make your own choice.
To make sure what you are voting for here are 2 links that may be useful. referendum.govt.nz or eolc.org.nz/eolc-act
Don't be swayed by hearsay or others' opinions/bias, check for yourself how tightly limited and regulated the Act is in its final form.
The original Bill took many years going through select committee hearings then a full Govt. debate was passed by a cross-party majority when it became an Act. This is now embedded in law as an Act subject to the upcoming referendum. If a majority vote YES it will be binding on the new Govt.
This is an important issue although opinions are split, so it is timely to consider this referendum and familiarise yourself with the facts so you can make an informed vote.

NB. I am in no way associated with either side of this debate.

5 hours ago

How to attract and keep quality tenants during the Covid 19 downturn

Ruby Housing from Ruby Housing

Between tenancies:
1. Bring forward planned maintenance such as repainting the bathroom or living areas
2. Update landscaping with easy care shrubs and plenty of mulch
3. Add extra heating or ventilation systems, such as a heatpump or air exchange/ HRV type system near bedrooms.
4. Replace the kitchen benchtop with a durable and contemporary material
5. Update kitchen units with new handles and re-sprayed door fronts
6. Replace the letterbox to a modern style
7. Repaint the front door in a bright and contemporary colour
8. Clean out gutters and replace any broken or leaking downpipes
9. Add a french drain to deal with water pooling and soggy lawns
10. Waterblast paths and steps to remove moss and improve the look of accessways
11. Repaint window exteriors
12. Replace south facing bedroom windows with double glazing
13. Have the house exterior commercially cleaned before photos
14. Replace damaged fence palings

Easy updates during tenancies:
1. Add a bathroom heater and heated towel rail
2. Replace lighting with LED for lower energy costs
3. Update older style curtains to lined, warm fabrics in neutral colours
4. Add a front porch canopy
5. Fit security motion detector lights to the front and rear of the house
6. Add an auto garage door opener
7. Cut back overhanging trees and shrubs to allow more light and fresh air into the home
8. Scarify lawns and re-sow bare patches
9. Install a paved path to the clothesline
10. Extend or add hard paving for an outdoor seating area in Summer
11. Install additional power points
12. If there is space consider adding a dishwasher
13. Have storage systems installed in the wardrobes and garage

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New local business idea - help wanted for short survey

Adam from Hoon Hay

My partner is looking to start a business and is doing some market research. This survey below will take 2 minutes of your time and she’d be very grateful if you could fill it out. She’s trying to get as many opinions as possible from a wide variety of people :)


Thanks in advance.