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Where can you get local produce? Here's how

Piers Fuller Reporter from News of Wairarapa

With New Zealand hunkering down for a period of family and whanau isolation,
Destination Wairarapa is putting a shout out for local food and beverage producers.
The regional tourism organisation’s ‘Love Local - Wairarapa’ campaign is appealing for people to buy from local producers, where possible.

A dedicated webpage - wairarapanz.com/love-local - is a one-stop-shop of local food and beverage producers who have the capability and capacity to continue to operate during the  Covid-19 lockdown.
Destination Wairarapa General Manager Anna Neilson says, this is an
unprecedented time for our nation as we fight to halt the train of transmission of Covid-19.
“These efforts will have far reaching implications, and as a consequence it is going to be incredibly challenging for many of our local businesses and the livelihoods of people they employ,” Ms Neilson says.
“Now, more than ever, we need to support them, and one way we can do that is through buying locally.”
By buying locally produced goods you are also helping to ensure money stays in this region, Ms Neilson says. This could be directly benefiting your neighbour or someone on your street or in your town.
“We are all in this together, and everything that we can do to help one another is going to help us get through this incredibly difficult time.
“One of the really great things about Wairarapa is its people; we’re caring and we support one another. Let’s show how we can come together as a community, even when we’re unable to do that physically.”
How can you get involved?

 Check out the list of businesses at wairarapanz.com/love-local to help you find the goods and services you’re after
 If you’re a local business that can operate and does deliver, get in touch with us at web@wairarapanz.com so we can help promote what you offer.
 Like and follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with what our Wairarapa businesses are doing.

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