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What we do and how we do it

South Auckland Middle School

At South Auckland Middle School we do break down barriers for families by being genuinely free - we provide uniform and stationery and don't ask for donations.

We are unapologetically academic and believe in the growth and development of our students towards tertiary study and the breaking of embedded cycles for many of our families.

We are innovative in terms of our day structure and our Integrated Project Based Curriculum alongside the core subjects.

We know that small classes enhances interaction between students and teachers and enables more differentiated approaches. Hence a class maximum of 15.

That is not the key though.

The key is that we have been able to attract an outstanding teaching and support staff. While article after article bemoans shortages, lack of quality and teachers leaving Auckland .... we have attracted superb people and involved people moving from far and wide to work with us. They are passionate, qualified and determined to make a huge difference.

Come and see for yourself - Visit us at 198 Mahia Road, Wattle Downs, to meet our staff, view our facilities and see how we can help your child excel.

Places for 2018 are very limited. Please apply without delay.

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How considerate are your neighbours?

Jo Haywood Reporter from Homed

Hey neighbours, are you seeing and hearing a lot more of your neighbours during the lockdown? Has it helped you get to know them better - from an acceptable social distance - or is the noise of everyone being home together all the time getting to you?

Now more than ever it's up to all of us to try not to annoy our neighbours, and to be more tolerant ourselves, so here are some easy ways to do just that.

And if you're wondering what makes a good neighbour and what makes a bad one, check out the 12 most annoying neighbour types. How many have you lived next to?

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COVID-19 Non-Compliance Report

The Team from Crimestoppers New Zealand

In support of the whole of government response to the Coronavirus (Covid-19), Crimestoppers has developed a reporting process for both the 0800 555 111 and www.crimestoppers... portals.

The anonymous foundation for all our reports remains if required, and all reports that relate to self-isolation breaches, illegal outdoor gatherings or similar, will be immediately forwarded to the appropriate authorities.

Report here: www.crimestoppers-nz.org...

Crimeline reports do not replace your option to ring police directly on 111 or 105 or your ability to advise the Ministry of Health through the NHCCselfisolation@health.govt.nz email address.

Keep safe.
Crimestoppers New Zealand

0800 555 111 or www.crimestoppers...
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April Challenge Month

NumberWorks'nWords Manukau

Hi everyone we are currently running an April challenge month. We have 3 puzzles a day junior, intermediate and senior. Here are our puzzles to date. Have a go as a family and see how you get on. The answers will be put up next week.