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The Team Reporter from Stuff

For over 150 years, the news and information we uncover and provide have relied on your support, either through subscription to our newspapers, consuming news via our online sites, or indirectly through the patronage you provide to those who advertise with us.  

Now there’s a new way you can support us: by making direct financial contributions to help power our news teams up and down the country. 

Make a contribution and you’ll help our journalists continue to do what they do best: provide our readers with trustworthy, accurate and reliable news.
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6 hours ago

Cash for your wrecked car! Call us 0800 500 001

The Team from AAA Auto Parts

Hi neighbours,

Do you have a vehicle that is taking up space and becoming an eyesore? At AAA Auto Parts we dismantle and wreck cars. We will pay top cash whether your car is dead or alive!

* $300 - $3000 for small cars
* $700 - $10,000 for 4x4 utes, vans, 4WD, trucks and buses
* Same day removal
* Free quotes over the phone

We will beat any prices in the market by 10%.

Support your local business.
Give us a call on ** 0800 50 00 01 ** and we will be happy to have a chat.
Enquire now

6 hours ago

Want to help New Zealand recover?

Student Job Search

Keen to support your community and whānau?

Enjoy diverse and challenging work?

Are you a recent graduate or about to graduate?

It’s a time of unprecedented change with Covid-19 so we are looking for graduates from all degree backgrounds who truly want to make a difference to New Zealand and New Zealanders.

The GovTechTalent graduate programme in Wellington gives you the opportunity to change things for the better, while also shaping your own career path so don’t get left behind - apply for GovTechTalent today!
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8 hours ago

Community Chaplain available

Corriena from Remuera

*Free community service *