83 days ago

Need inspiration for your work station today?

The Team from Auckland Museum

We've created something so you get a Museum surprise every time you open up your Chrome browser.

Have a new item pop up from our vast collection of objects every time you open up a new window with our Chrome extension. There are beautiful landscapes like this one, toy cars, vintage soaps, exquisite vases, weird and wonderful animals, jewellery, ancient swords, botanical illustrations. You get something new every time!

While you can't visit our Musuem in the flesh right now, there's plenty of ways you can see the items we hold inside the Museum, online. To add the extension to your browser, and for more ways to explore our collections, visit:


More messages from your neighbours
4 minutes ago

Cat with 3 legs found

Hannah from Glendowie

Hi Neighbours, I have found a cat in the upper Riddell road area (glendowie) It has 3 legs and a red collar on. If this is your cat or if you know who’s cat it is, please contact me urgently on 021576000. Thanks

40 minutes ago

Generation Pandemic: How has Covid-19 affected your children?

Kelly Dennett Reporter from Sunday Star Times

This week we're looking at how the pandemic will affect our children and their resilience. The Sunday Star-Times wants to hear from children about how they've been impacted by Covid-19 and lockdown. Perhaps they've learned more about hand washing and germs, or maybe they want to talk about having mum or dad home more often, or learning from home. Kids can write a sentence or two to be included in print by emailing kelly.dennett@stuff.co.nz, by Friday, July 10, at 5pm. Their first names and ages may be used in print. Parents, if you're happy for your children to be photographed please let us know.

7 hours ago

Ask an expert: get answers to your DIY questions

Jo Haywood Reporter from Homed

Hey neighbours, have you had a DIY disaster you need to fix or are you keen to tackle some home improvements but don't know where to start? Well, help is at hand.

Send us your questions about your DIY or decorating dilemmas, including photos if you can, and we'll ask an expert for their advice on where to start with your project, any tips and tricks they can share to help you get a great finish - or how you can fix things up if they've already gone wrong! Click here to submit your questions, or email us at homed@stuff.co.nz.