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Come train with us

Sarah Moore from Froot Camp

Hi neighbours - my friends and I have run a free bootcamp (Froot Camp) in Auckland Domain for over three years and I wanted to invite you train with us.

In uncertain times, exercise can be so good for us - it supports both our mental health - and our immunity. Getting out of the house and into fresh air is good at the best of times - but right now, when many of us are housebound and working from home it’s almost necessary!

We naturally practice social distancing (as some of us are faster than others!), are non-contact and have asked all members to be conscious of their water bottle placement (and to use a unique water bottle) and not to spit. We're also asking anyone not to train until they're 100% back to normal.

We have a heap of fun and would love you to join us. Take a look at www.frootcamp.co.nz... - there's no catches. It's just...free.

**** **** ****

PS - if you are currently self-isolating, please do the right thing and give it a few more days :)

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We can assist.

Roberto from Seaside Freedom® Wellbeing Studio

We are the leading Energy Psychology practice in New Zealand. Based in St Heliers with an affordable, simple, effective, fast and non-invasive methodology.

Change your perception.
Release stress / distress / anxiety / fears & phobias and more.

Get in touch through our private and confidential email and talk with us about any concerns you may have.

+64 9 585 0522

11 minutes ago

Guinea pig rescue and boarding

Anya from Saint Johns

Hi everyone we have started a guinea pig rescue for guinea pigs that are no longer wanted or can not be cared for if you are in this situation please text or call 0224964177 if you find a guinea pig please email CutiePieCuddles13@gmail.com if you would like your guinea pig to board with us is $5 per day and please call if you would like for us to take care of your guinea pig well you are on holiday I have 5 of my own guinea pigs that get along well with other guinea pigs but we can have them in a separate cage if you would like thanks.

9 days ago

The Story of Surfdale

The Team from Auckland Museum

Did you know that Surfdale in Waiheke Island received its name via a competition? The winner was awarded a section of land near the beach...

At 8 pence a day on top of a small deposit, a Surfdale section was also promoted as a sound investment – so close to downtown Auckland that “values must go up and up and up”.

Well, they weren't wrong there.

Today, Waiheke Island brings to mind sunny vineyards and beachy weekend getaways. The image of Waiheke as an “island paradise” has its origins in 1920s marketing, but the island has long been desirable even as its character has changed over the past centuries.

As we go into the long weekend and begin to venture further afield again, why not have a read of how Waiheke came to be the place it is today, in this blog about its recent history by our Project Curator, Jane Groufsky.