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There are 99 reasons to hit AKLPaths

The Team from Auckland Council

Wear out the kids, drop into the bowl, or even cool off with a swim.

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7 days ago

Auckland's drought rings alarm bells - is anyone listening?

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, It might be raining but the record dry which is depleting Auckland's water supply is not going away in a hurry. Is it "just a dought?": Read the story below:

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Owner from Balance for Life

Lot of my clients suffer from irregular bowel movements or find it hard to empty their bowel.
The simplest trick to help this is a large glass of warm water to be drunken between 5 am and 7 am. That time is the organ time for large intestines when it works the most effective. Be regular by being consistent. Every morning drink your Glas of warm water first thing and go to the toilet. Relax ... think about what you can let go off. 😆 not just in the bathroom but in life. A lovely affirmation to support your endeavours is: I let go of the old stuff effortlessly and the new enriches me. ( feel free to adjust the wording)
This might not work straight away first day but you are teaching your body something new. Do this for at least a full 10 days. I am certain it will help you with regular bowl movements.
With love