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Security Research

The Team from Matrix Security

Matrix Security would like to inform our customers and other consumers of security related products/services of an important research project being led by Dr T Bradley, Victoria University of Wellington. The project aims to understand why a growing number of New Zealand households are turning to private security for protection and what this tells us about public perceptions of crime and policing.

Information will be gathered from consumers on what security-related products (e.g. alarms) and services (e.g. alarm monitoring) they use, the reasons why they purchase these products and services, how they ‘shop’ for them and how and why they choose or select one ‘service provider’ (e.g. company) over another.

The success of the project depends on attracting a meaningful sample of consumers. If you are interested in taking part please follow this link - goo.gl... . It will take you straight to the questionnaire (around 12-14 minutes to complete). Once this has been completed you will be invited to join a local focus group (60 mins) to discuss the findings of the questionnaire. Simply enter an e-mail address so that the research team can contact you.

Victoria University’s Human Ethics Committee has approved the research.

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COVID9 van on Rawhiti Road

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Does anyone have any idea what's the deal with black van that has "COVID9" on its number plate?

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Luana from Mangere Bridge

Hi everyone,
I'm not sure if you've had trouble getting flour in the larger supermarkets during the lockdown like I have, but if you have, I've found some small bags at a dairy at the top of the Onehunga mall road, called "State Dairy". There might also be flour at other dairies, but this is where I found mine. Take care x

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Replacing the private long-distance bus terminal would cost ratepayers

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, If the long-distance bus terminal moves out of Sky City's complex, ratepayers will probably foot the bill. Ngāti Whātua opposes AT's plan to put it on their land. See below what it would look like, but should it stay where it is ?