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International planes still flying into New Zealand ...WHY??πŸ›«πŸ›¬

Fiona from Henderson

Would someone out there be able to tell me why are we (New Zealand) still allowing planes from China, Malaysia, Hong Hong, Honolulu, Santiago, Doha & even Fiji to land here in this lockdown?
I thought that the extended timeframe for these airlines was last Friday.
It is still happening daily.
Before anyone says it's only Air New Zealand flying anywhere or even maybe they are cargo flights, they're not.
The various airlines flying in or out are:
China Eastern Airlines
China Southern Airlines
Shanghai Airlines
Malaysia Airlines
Fiji Airways
Cathay Pacific
LATAM Airlines
Qatar Airways
I do know that Swiss Air and Lufthansa (along with Austrian Airlines later in the week) are here for a 'mercy dash' to remove their citizens via Auckland & Christchurch, so they don't count.

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David from Glen Eden

I am well aware of the need and much of the history of NZ immigration. I read that 100000 Americans have shown interest in living here. It seems to me that little planning or foresight has been done when we end up with grid locked roads, under funded hospitals, not enough teachers, and a shortage of houses. Add to that a council blind to climate change and we have a critical water shortage and in some parts sewerage on the once beautiful beaches. Most if not all of the world's problems now stem from over population and better management would help. More people needs more resources.

3 hours ago

Work experience/training

Lois Ruth from Waiatarua

Hi, I'm a new member and hoping this, is an appropriate place, for me to be posting..We have a daughter of 18. Who is interested in career in prosthetics/prop making for film and to a lesser extent special effects makeup. Do any members, have any recommendations. As to where, she can undertake some training or get some experience in these areas. In the Auckland region. She is very hands on and struggles with the written side of things. We look forward to your replies.

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Media, broadcasting.

David from Glen Eden

Every so often the issue of political party funding crops up. Various accusations are made and political parties seem to take turns at violating the rules governing donations. Over a recent few months I have taken to listening to radio talk back instead of music and concert programmes. So called "radio magic" is the one I would take issue with. It is not a "news" media really. It comes across to me as primarily an anti government platform with quite clever but very mischievous talk back hosts. (With one exception of Tony Amos). If any government had to pay for such expert wide coverage advertising and anti government bias they'd be up for millions of dollars. They simply couldn't afford it. Perhaps it has much to do with the fact that major share holders are American. Afternoon broadcasts are also laced with bad language, swearing, and not a good example to young listeners and if nothing else that should stop.