35 days ago

Auckland's drought rings alarm bells - is anyone listening?

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, It might be raining but the record dry which is depleting Auckland's water supply is not going away in a hurry. Is it "just a dought?": Read the story below:

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11 days ago

Council makes it easier for Aucklanders to collect rainwater

The Team from Auckland Council

In response to the severe water shortages, we are encouraging Aucklanders to install rainwater tanks at home by scrapping resource consent fees.

2 days ago

Police end physical search for missing French teen Eloi Rolland

Caroline Williams Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi neighbours.
Police say they have exhausted all leads for finding Eloi Rolland, 18, who has been missing from Auckland for almost four months.
The teen, who has limited English, has not been seen since he was captured on CCTV at the Britomart train station on March 7, where he caught a train to New Lynn's Fruitvale Rd station. It's understood he was in the vicinity of Piha Rd and Scenic Drive at 9.18am, but this is where the trail ends.
After more than 1600 hours searching for Rolland, police ended the physical search in May, pending reports of new information or evidence.
Rolland's sister, Aurore Rolland, told Stuff the family were "really sad" the search had been suspended.
"We [are at] the point where we are waiting for a miracle. We believe [he] is not dead in the sea at Piha Beach. Things need to be done, even if we have to search during our entire life."
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2 hours ago

Calling All Seniors - Basic Technology Course for Seniors. How to Navigate Your Phone & Laptop

Gavin from Browns Bay

Basic Technology Course for 60+

Most of my career I have been working with and in blue chip technology companies. As an IT Program Manager, encountering so many diverse technologies can be overwhelming but as one learns to take one step at a time, a person becomes used to the new technology and we then embrace its benefits and become a real fan for what it can do.

In my social group I am in regular contact with those older than myself who are bright, engaging and active. However when it comes to their iPad, tablet, laptop or smartphone these devices can seem very overwhelming and a sense of pain crosses over their eyes as these devices hold so much promise for them but can be such a massive wall to climb just to do the basics.

So I would like to offer an 12-lesson basic tech course to help Mom and Dad or Grandma and Grandpa to grasp the basics of their own technology. The idea of these classes is for each one to bring to class their preferred technology (smartphone/tablet/laptop) and then to step through the basics of how it works, what it needs to be connected to and what Apps or software is needed.

The course designed by myself is to understand how to use your own technology comfortably and the various applications such as Skype, email, WhatsApp, Zoom, FaceTime, the internet and office explorer files and more.

The first day of the course is an overview and the journey we will take together. This first day is free for you to decide if this is something you would like to take on over the next 12 lessons with no obligation. This course will commence on Friday 3rd July 2020.

I am based in Browns Bay and training will take place in a comfortable homely environment in a classroom style set up to optimise training. Notes will be provided after each session so no need to write copious notes.

This course will run twice weekly and is $20 + Gst a lesson and anyone can stop and join at any time. As mentioned above the first lesson is free. There is no need to pay for a full course only pay for the day you attend. Once you have completed the course in full, you will be presented with a certificate of completion of Technology - The Basics. A nice to have if you want to venture to start working again or to show your friends.

These lessons run for 1.30hrs (90 minutes) each. If you are interested or would like to sign up a relative, contact me on email: Gavin.tipping@outlook.com

Gavin Tipping
021 0272 0640