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Gastronomy in Albany

Gastronomy Marusya

Do you know what is "Herring under a Fur Coat" mean?
We shall tell you a secret. It is one of the tastiest Russian salad.

Do you not like to cook by yourself? Or do you not have enough time to cook? So, we are gonna help you. In our cozy bakery you can find huge range of tasty delicates already prepared for you by our professional chefs.

Have you ever tried homemade Ukrainian Sausages or Pork Roll? Russian Winter Salad or the Vinaigrette (Beetroot Salad)? Salad with Herring or Patties with Chicken/Meat/Fish? And more others yummies.

Have a look our photos in the gallery to fall in love with Russian and Ukrainian cuisine. After that you should come and try it in real life :)

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Tottie from Browns Bay

Robert F Kennedy Jnr doesn't put his name to anything lightly.
The text I posted before has been taken down because ????

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Got the baking bug in your bubble?

The Team from Auckland Museum

We think you’ll love this New Zealand Hot Cross and Cold Cross Bun recipe from Aunt Daisy's Cookery Book of Approved Recipes, from our collection.

Maud Ruby Basham (30 August 1879 – 14 July 1963), professionally known as Aunt Daisy, was a well-loved New Zealand radio broadcaster. Her 30-minute daily morning show ran from 1933 to 1963. Her role was primarily to promote household products and to boost morale during World War II. Try out this recipe and it might just boost your morale! Best served hot with lashings of butter…

Aunt Daisy’s full recipe and other activities for the Easter Weekend are over at our Auckland Museum at Home Hub!
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Poll: Should your rates be frozen because of Covid-19?

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, It's a tough one for many, the prospect of rates rising 3.5 per cent, in these uncertain times. It is easy to say "Freeze!" but that's not as simple as it sounds. What do you think? Read the story here: www.stuff.co.nz...

Should your rates be frozen because of Covid-19?
  • 6.6% Rates should rise 3.5 pc but with easy help for those in need
    6.6% Complete
  • 84.2% Rates should be frozen for all ratepayers
    84.2% Complete
  • 9.2% Rates should rise, but by less that 3.5 pc, with help for those who need it
    9.2% Complete
1386 votes