47 days ago

Ancient tree proves Auckland's Maungawhau/Mt Eden erupted 28,000 years ago

Danielle Clent Reporter from Central Leader

Hi neighbours, a discovery during works for City Rail Link has helped experts prove Maungawhau/Mt Eden erupted 28,000 years ago.
DEVORA vulcanologist Elaine Smid said : "We have used other techniques to date this eruption, with similar findings. This new radiocarbon result removes any lingering doubts about the age of Maungawhau/Mt Eden."

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45 minutes ago

Hi my neighbors

Sue from Mount Albert

The water bottles are very light to carry and can take hot water without changing its shape.
$4 each. $10 FOR 3.

1 hour ago

Game of the day

Shawna from Avondale

Find the cat

2 hours ago

Fish tank heater needed

Angela from Point Chevalier

The Pt Chev community gardeners are looking for a fish tank heater to brew up some microbes.
If anyone has one they can donate, that’d be grand!
Cheers Ange