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Presence of your home in a Dental Clinc

The Team from Lake Panorama Dental

Dear Neighbours,

Thank you very much for all your support since we have opened our own Dental Clinic, it is highly appreciated.

For those who have not yet been able, feel the presence of your home in a Dental Clinic. We do understand that waiting for your Dental appointment may not be pleasing for some, hence we chose to convert an entire home only into a Dental clinic so that you can feel the warmth and tranquility of a home surrounded by the presence of the beautiful Lake Panorama.

Having practiced as a Dentist for over 22 years (since 2001 at Mt Roskill and Henderson), I realize that cost is an important factor for my patients, hence as I now own my dental clinic, make use of our free comprehensive check up with quote and 20% of all treatments including X Rays. Our costs are very reasonable.

We also provide:

Free ACC consultations with quote
Free for children under 18 years of age (referral letter may be required for children under 12 ) .
Free WINZ Quotes

Open Mondays to Saturdays, situated at 22 Lake Panorama Drive Henderson Heights. Plenty of free on street parking.

Call 09 2186000 or text 0211363444 to find out more.

Your caring team at Lake Panorama Dental where your Dental Health matters

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Jellyfish blooms

The Team Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi neighbours, warm waters around Auckland are attracting tiny jellyfish towards our shores, causing some people to break out in a rash. Have you been affected by these jellyfish this summer?

Please comment NFP if you do not want your comments published.

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Maths Problem

The Team from NumberWorks'nWords Royal Oak

Can your 10 year old do this problem?

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What's On: Floral Design Workshops

Dale from Mangere East

Great for business, celebrations, church, gifts, parties and weddings. Really fun! Tutorial time for everyone; novice to advanced Designers.Tuition free! Good way to make new friends.To attend call John 0274-720700.
Floral Design Workshops
  • Dale Harvey's Quarter Acre Paradise Conservatory