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What you need to know before a Dental Check up

The Team from Lake Panorama Dental

What does one require to know before a Dental appointment with a Dentist:-

1. Experience- Dr Lisa Fernandes has over 20 years of experience having treated thousands of patients till date.

2. Cost- Yes, cost is a very important factor hence we are having until the 30.11.2019 free dental check up/consultation and 20% of all Dental Treatments . We also provide Free ACC consultation, Free WINZ quotes and Free for children under 18 years of age.

3. Pain - With the experience of Dr Lisa and our friendly team, you will be made to feel very comfortable before and during your appointment.

4. Atmosphere. Our Dental clinic environment is unique, the waiting area is very similar to your home, it is actually a home converted entirely and exclusively into a Dental Clinic. The ambience of a home and the tranquility of Lake Panorama in the surroundings makes one feel very relaxed and calm before their appointment. Parking is immense and freely available.

5.Payment Options- We accept Efptos, Visa, MasterCard, Q card, Q Mastercard, no interest, no repayment up to 12 months ( you have to be qualified by Q card for this) and also a provider for Southern Cross Insurance.

6. Hygiene- Yes this is extremely important when visiting a Dentist. One would always prefer to eat in a restaurant where one can be assured of hygiene than in one which is cheaper and less hygienic. Our clinic maintains very high hygiene standards and will always continue to do so.

To check out all of the above , call us on 09 2186000 or text for any queries or appointment to 0211363444. We are open Mondays to Saturdays.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of our old existing patients who have come from near and far, some as far as Hamilton and also each and every one of our new patients who have come from near and far and have provided excellent feedback. Thank you very much, we will continue to serve your Dental needs.

Your Dental Health does matter to you and to us.

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