60 days ago

Supermarket queues during lockdown

Donna-Lee Biddle Reporter from Manukau Courier

Some members of the community are feeling vulnerable having to join mass queues at the supermarket. What has been your supermarket experience?

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37 minutes ago

Repair Samsung TV speakers

Jasbir from Manurewa

Hi, please is there anyone who can help to repair speakers of my Samsung 32" TV. Thanks

8 hours ago

Pest Free Auckland

The Team from Auckland Council

Across the months of May and June, we have been asking Aucklanders to create a Pest-Free haven in their backyard through placing traps, pulling weeds, and planting natives.

To help further support Aucklanders we ran a Q&A session with our Pest Free Auckland experts on Instagram and thought we’d share a summary of the great questions and useful answers to get everyone started on their Pest Free Auckland journey.
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11 hours ago

Rabbit Vaccination

Veterinarian from Pet Vets Papatoetoe

Pet Rabbits and Calicivirus🐰🐰🐰

🐰There are several strains of rabbit calicivirus (also known as Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease Virus (RHDV)) in New Zealand. This virus causes severe hepatitis leading to liver failure and sudden death in most cases. There is no specific treatment for this infection.
🐰Vaccination is the best way to protect your pet rabbits. New Zealand Veterinary Association recommends Filovac vaccination to protect against all the strains of this virus.

To minimise the risk to your rabbits:
> Keep them separate from wild rabbits
>Wash your hands between handling rabbits
>Control insects around pet rabbits as they can spread the virus between them
>Avoid cutting grass and feeding it to pet rabbits
>Thoroughly clean and disinfect cages and equipment
Please book your pet rabbit today at Pet Vets Papatoetoe for a health check and vaccination.