51 days ago

Waihī mining jobs axed: OceanaGold cuts 17 mill processing positions

Andrea Neighbourly Lead from Eden Terrace

Difficult days for people who depend on paid work to keep their property and family...
The last day of work for most of those would be March 10.
"This has not been an easy process. We are very aware that these decisions will have a significant effect on staff and their families," O'Leary said in the newsletter.

He encouraged staff to support those affected, who would be visited by Work and Income this week.

The company was contacting other local employers and arranging workshops on CV writing and to discuss other support options.

The company was also expected to make a final decision this month on a revised structure for its exploration and geology team. Once that was made the company would know the impact on job numbers.

An OceanaGold staff member said almost half the 40 Waihī people working in exploration and geology faced uncertainty following an announcement at a meeting on January 15.

"We have mums and dads working with us, people with families who are tied to this area. We're really angry.

"We don't find out until March 1 who has got jobs and who doesn't ... so we're still fighting for our jobs."

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