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33 minutes ago

Media, broadcasting.

David from Glen Eden

Every so often the issue of political party funding crops up. Various accusations are made and political parties seem to take turns at violating the rules governing donations. Over a recent few months I have taken to listening to radio talk back instead of music and concert programmes. So called "radio magic" is the one I would take issue with. It is not a "news" media really. It comes across to me as primarily an anti government platform with quite clever but very mischievous talk back hosts. (With one exception of Tony Amos). If any government had to pay for such expert wide coverage advertising and anti government bias they'd be up for millions of dollars. They simply couldn't afford it. Perhaps it has much to do with the fact that major share holders are American. Afternoon broadcasts are also laced with bad language, swearing, and not a good example to young listeners and if nothing else that should stop.

1 hour ago

Game of the day

Shawna from Avondale

Find the cat

1 day ago

No visible smoke rule for Auckland - it's time.

Jay from New Lynn
Why has Auckland Council consistently voted against controlling emissions from woodburners and open fireplaces? On cold, still days like today many parts of Auckland are blanketed in a layer of smoke. Particulates from woodburner pollution carry carcinogens, cause respiratory problems and decreased life expectancy. This is all well known to the Council yet they continue to allow uncontrolled indoor burning. Christchurch has had a no visible smoke rule for years. It is time Auckland Council got serious about controlling emissions and stopped giving residents a licence to pollute.