76 days ago

Cash for your wrecked car! Call us 0800 500 001

The Team from AAA Auto Parts

Hi neighbours,

is it time for you to remove that unused car taking up space in your yard?

At AAA Auto Parts we dismantle and wreck cars.

We will pay top cash whether your car is dead or alive!

* $300 - $3000 for small cars
* $700 - $10,000 for 4x4 utes, vans, 4WD, trucks and buses
* Same day removal
* Free quotes over the phone

We will beat any prices in the market by 10%.

Support your local business.
Give us a call on ** 0800 50 00 01 ** and we will be happy to have a chat.
Enquire now

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6 days ago

Show neighbours your photography snaps of Auckland!

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Kia ora Auckland, it's time to dust off that old camera, get out and about and show the rest of your neighbours your favourite, treasured spots in your region. It could be an awesome view, the shy wildlife or even the old buildings that are wanting their stories to be told.

Go ahead, get snapping and illustrate what's beyond your backyard.

Post your photographs in the comments below ⬇️

5 days ago

Auckland's drought rings alarm bells - is anyone listening?

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, It might be raining but the record dry which is depleting Auckland's water supply is not going away in a hurry. Is it "just a dought?": Read the story below:

16 hours ago

Facebook launches 'Manage Activity' which allows users to delete old posts in bulk

Brian from New Lynn

Have you always wanted to delete old, embarrassing photos of yourself but haven't had the time to trawl through posts? Well, Facebook has your back. The social media giant has launched a new tool, Manage Activity, which allows users to get rid of unwanted posts in bulk. Manage Activity allows users to delete or archive posts from a range of dates or involving particular people, so people can easily say goodbye to their exes, high school years and drunk outings.
• Go to your Facebook profile then click on the ellipsis (three dots) under your name, then click on activity log.
• This will show you everything you have contributed to Facebook, including comments and reactions on other posts. Click on the Manage Activity link and then tap that you want to manage "Your Posts".
• From then you can filter posts. You can choose what kind of posts, such as check-ins, or photos. You can also filter the date range and the people who are tagged in them.
• Once you've selected some posts, you can choose to either "Archive" or "Trash" them.
The archive option hides them so only you can access them, but doesn't actually remove them from Facebook. The trash option puts them in a recycle bin for 30 days until they are permanently deleted. Unfortunately, users can't filter words by keyword for example, "drunk". But Facebook said it might add more in the future. In more bad news, people can't remove posts and photo made by others. The social media giant said in a statement that the new tool will "curate your presence on Facebook to more accurately reflect who you are today."
The tool launched on mobile from June 3 before moving to desktop at a later date. "We'll continue building new functionality for this tool to ensure it meets people's needs to manage their digital footprint on Facebook," the company said.