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Know Your Dentures

Dentic Denture

If you have missing teeth then dentures may be exactly what you have been looking for. An affordable option to give you that Hollywood smile you’ve always dreamed of, giving you a major boost in your confidence and self-esteem. Here Dentic Denture Clinic aim to answer a few commonly asked questions to help you understand more about dentures.

1) When should I replace my dentures?
Over the time, you may find your dentures become loose and ill-fitting as your gum resorbs and shrinks. Difficulty in chewing and frequently experiencing tired and sore gum are symptoms that indicate your denture is due for a replacement.

2) I plan to have teeth removed but don’t want to seen without teeth, what should I do?
Immediate dentures are made prior to teeth removal so that on the day of your extractions your missing teeth can be instantly replaced with a denture.

3) I have a few missing teeth, I’m not sure if I need dentures?
A common misconception is that you need to lose all your teeth before getting dentures. However, there are types of dentures that only replace a few missing teeth too.

4) I recently broke/ lost my dentures, do you provide quotes?
Dentic Denture Clinic offers same-day repairs. However, if your dentures cannot be repaired, Dentic provide free Work and Income (WINZ) and insurance quote at no obligation

To inquire, please contact Dentic Denture Clinic at 09 948 2202 or visit the clinic at 201 Taylor Street, Blockhouse Bay, Auckland for a free consultation with no obligation.

What are you waiting for, it’s time to smile.
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Pest Free Auckland

The Team from Auckland Council

Across the months of May and June, we have been asking Aucklanders to create a Pest-Free haven in their backyard through placing traps, pulling weeds, and planting natives.

To help further support Aucklanders we ran a Q&A session with our Pest Free Auckland experts on Instagram and thought we’d share a summary of the great questions and useful answers to get everyone started on their Pest Free Auckland journey.
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Those QR codes

David from Glen Eden

I've not seen a QR code displayed in a shop yet. We are asked to photo the QR code wherever we visit and all the shops and businesses are asked to diplay one. We should download the covid-19 tracer app to allow recording where we've been. I was surprised when I was asked "what's a QR code". See the picture example. That is what you need to point your camera at to use the app you will have installed. We should use it. Our cavalier attitude to covid-19 is not appropriate, it's inviting trouble. If just one infected person gets around it will be extremely useful for tracing where that person was a week or two ago and when they can't remember and who else may have been there the same time. Photographing the QR code gives our professional tracer teams the info they need only when they need it. Well, that's how I understand it and I will use it. Shops and businesses, please register a valid QR code and display it in prominent places for us to use. It takes seconds.

(Note, the example is not a valid code! It just looks like one)

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ANZ charged over 'false and misleading' credit card insurance policies impacting hundreds of customers

Brian from New Lynn

During April 2014 and November 2019, ANZ issued duplicate repayment insurance policies to customers that didn't provide any additional benefits or covers, and charged premiums on those policies, the FMA said today.
It's also alleged ANZ issued and didn't cancel policies for ineligible customers, also charging premiums on the policies. "ANZ sold a product that, for some customers, offered no benefit," FMA general counsel Nick Kynoch says. The FMA says the breaches range back to at least 2001, but the Financial Markets Conduct Act only came into effect from April 2014. The duplicate payment policy was identified around September 2017 and the ineligible customers issue around May 2018, the FMA says. But neither were disclosed to the FMA or Reserve Bank during a widespread review into the conduct and culture of New Zealand's retail banks in 2018. FMA says it was first notified by ANZ of the issues in June 2019. ANZ is being charged under the Act for making "false and misleading representations about the cover of the policies". "While ANZ has embarked on their own remediation programme, and ultimately self-reported this matter, the case points to a failure of internal systems and controls resulting in customer harm over a significant period of time," Mr Kynoch says. "In this instance, we felt it appropriate to put the matter before the courts." ANZ says it's already compensated customers around $440,000 in total, but admits there was a delay in reporting the issue to the FMA. Around 390 customers had duplicate policies and another 439 were ineligible to claim the insurance. The FMA's case relates to 307 customers. ANZ says it no longer offers the insurance. "We’re very sorry this happened," ANZ's Ben Kelleher said in a statement today. "We actively review our processes and systems to try and identify issues that could impact our customers. Where we find problems, we work to fix them for our customers." The FMA has filed the proceedings in the High Court and is seeking declarations of contravention of the Financial Markets Conduct Act, pecuniary penalties and costs.