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Choosing the right hearing aid – FOR YOU

Clinical Audiologist Dr Peter O'Brien AuD MNZAS Audiology Associates

The words 'For You' are the most important. Not only are no two hearing losses exactly the same, but individual demands on similar hearing losses can be very different. The best and simplest thing to do is to write yourself a “shopping list.” Note down the situations in which you notice difficulty hearing (or others have noticed a problem with your hearing). For example:

- I cannot hear the TV at a volume others can tolerate
- I cannot hear my grandchildren when they are in the back seat of the car
- I cannot hear my family when they call me on the phone etc

Not only do these help you frame your problem, but they also become very valuable “check lists” for monitoring the effectiveness of any suggested solution, including hearing aids. It helps to put you and the audiologist on the same page. The team at Audiology Associates are happy to help with all your hearing needs.
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28 days ago

Replacing the private long-distance bus terminal would cost ratepayers

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, If the long-distance bus terminal moves out of Sky City's complex, ratepayers will probably foot the bill. Ngāti Whātua opposes AT's plan to put it on their land. See below what it would look like, but should it stay where it is ?

1 hour ago

Rain is imminent....

Kelly from Drain Ranger

Hi Neighborhood's

Rain has been predicted, to mitigate flooding we would recommend clearing down pipes, gutters and channel drains of leaves and debris.

Keep safe.

Kia Kaha NZ

9 hours ago

*Win* a $50 Prezzy Card

The Team from Readers Tours

We are looking for seniors 65+ to take part in a short questionnaire to help us improve our website. The questions will take no longer than 3 minutes to complete and no personal information is required. The winner of a $50 Prezzy Card will be drawn at random on 27 April and contacted directly.

Visit www.readerstours.co.nz and spend a few minutes browsing our website. Think about the pages you would visit and the information you would like to see in order to book your next adventure! When you are ready, click here to complete our questionnaire.

Thank you, your feedback is greatly appreciated.
Ts&Cs apply.
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