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Neighbours - explore Old Auckland!

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

In conjunction with our friends at Auckland Museum, we are excited to launch the Old Auckland Neighbourly Group. Join your neighbours to explore Auckland of the yesteryear and share photos and memories of how Auckland used to be.

Join the Group now to find out what's so special about this incredible photo below - and have a guess at where it might be before Sunday 16 Feb and we'll put you in the draw to win a $100 Prezzy® card!
Join Old Auckland

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4 days ago

COVID-19 Non-Compliance Report

The Team from Crimestoppers New Zealand

In support of the whole of government response to the Coronavirus (Covid-19), Crimestoppers has developed a reporting process for both the 0800 555 111 and www.crimestoppers... portals.

The anonymous foundation for all our reports remains if required, and all reports that relate to self-isolation breaches, illegal outdoor gatherings or similar, will be immediately forwarded to the appropriate authorities.

Report here: www.crimestoppers-nz.org...

Crimeline reports do not replace your option to ring police directly on 111 or 105 or your ability to advise the Ministry of Health through the NHCCselfisolation@health.govt.nz email address.

Keep safe.
Crimestoppers New Zealand

0800 555 111 or www.crimestoppers...
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Puzzle 3 - Which Scooter Would Reach First?

Andrea Neighbourly Lead from Eden Terrace

An easy one to start the day...

3 hours ago

Puzzle 4 - puzzled? Copy and paste this link: https://www.allstarpuzzles.com/picture/06256E.html

Andrea Neighbourly Lead from Eden Terrace

It is fun, it will take time - if you have limited WIFI like us :)
Instructions for Picture Puzzle - should you have followed the link and have good internet connection.
Puzzle Goal
Unscramble the picture.
Mouse Control
Click on a puzzle piece to select it. Click on a second piece to swap it with the first piece selected.
Selecting multiple pieces allows you to move them as a group. To select multiple pieces, hold down the shift key while clicking on pieces. The group of selected pieces may be moved by clicking (without the shift key down) on a destination location or by using the arrow keys or buttons. Note that, when selecting multiple pieces, the first piece you select is the 'control' piece. This is indicated visually; the lines in the corners of the 'control' piece are thicker than in the other pieces. When you click to move the group of pieces, the 'control' piece will move to that target location.
To unselect all pieces, click with the right mouse button or hit the escape key or click in the 'control' piece.
Keyboard Control

Arrows shift puzzle (if zero or one pieces are selected) or selected pieces (if more than one piece is selected) up, down, left, or right. The arrow buttons can also be used.
ctrl-z will undo a move or shuffle. Multiple moves may be undone.
ctrl-y will redo an undone move or shuffle.

Note that after clicking one of the buttons below the picture (Save, Shuffle, or Hide/Show Grid Lines), you must click on the picture before using the keyboard controls.

Shuffle rescrambles the puzzle.
Save records your progress. When you revisit this puzzle, your progress will be automatically loaded. Visit the help for more information.
Hide/Show Grid Lines toggles whether or not the lines between puzzles blocks are shown.
Arrows buttons shift puzzle (if zero or one pieces are selected) or selected pieces (if more than one piece is selected) up, down, left, or right. The arrow keys on the keyboard can also be used.