58 days ago

Water Usage - Auckland

Danni from Westmere

Hi Neighbours

I read in the news tonight that Auckland’s water usage has increased since the lockdown, and we are going to face mandatory water restrictions if we don’t curb our usage.

Water usage this week:
• Sunday: 464 million litres
• Monday: 466 million litres
• Tuesday: 485 million litres
• Wednesday: 480 million litres

Watercare's advice to Aucklanders

• Keep washing your hands regularly
• Keep your showers short: 4 minutes or less
• Only run your dishwasher or washing machine when they're full
• Don't wash the car or water the garden
• Don't waterblast the house or driveway


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1 day ago

Show neighbours your photography snaps of Auckland!

The Team from Neighbourly.co.nz

Kia ora Auckland, it's time to dust off that old camera, get out and about and show the rest of your neighbours your favourite, treasured spots in your region. It could be an awesome view, the shy wildlife or even the old buildings that are wanting their stories to be told.

Go ahead, get snapping and illustrate what's beyond your backyard.

Post your photographs in the comments below ⬇️

4 hours ago

Collection day changes for Queen's Birthday

The Team from Auckland Council

Queen's Birthday holiday is just around the corner. Remember all council kerbside collections will be collected a day later.

1 day ago

What's On: Sleep Deeply Online Workshop (Free)

Lorraine from Henderson

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Sleep Deeply Online Workshop (Free)
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