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5 days ago

Harnessing tech to improve learning outcomes

NumberWorks'nWords Henderson

By harnessing online learning to blend tech features with traditional teaching methods, students’ progress can be easily tracked and feedback can be given instantly. Read on to learn how an encouraging environment established within NumberWorks’nWords centres has been perfected and can be applied to students’ daily learning, so that when they finish their studies, they are more motivated than ever.

1 hour ago

Fundraising for Cancer

Marlei from Titirangi

Hello everyone,

My daughter has decided to shave her head to fundraise for cancer and also to donate her hair to make a wig for cancer patients.

We would very much appreciate if you could help us in raising as much money as possible. Any donation, no matter how small it may seem, will be greatly appreciated. Please, note that donations will go straight to the cancer society.

Thank you for your time and your help!

Marlei & Charlie Aitken

2 hours ago


Laurence from Henderson

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