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Umm hey - communities - CALM DOWN

Julia from Henderson

Umm hey - communities - CALM DOWN - please, thank you
kudos and respect West Wave Pools & Leisure for closing for 2 weeks
part of wider closure of Auckland Council
– love being a New Zealander – from NZ
– out west – we have an *awesome* community- really really special
so community – Henderson, Te Atatu (where I live, where I socialise – where I go every week) and – everywhere in between – please, please, please CALM DOWN
listen to the *experts* - "weak" virus - washing hands with soap will kill it - CALM DOWN - please stop panic buying - CALM DOWN - only vulnerable - elderly & immunity compromised need worry - normal healthy adults are fine (and experts say kiddies are fine, don't seem to be catching it) - just please, people CALM DOWN
we're KIWIS - not Americas - they are led by drumpf - we are self reliant
- PLUS - we have awesome leadership (whatever your political persuasion - personally I'm neutral, chose each election) - the whole world is jealous of our leadership - seriously
Oh and LISTENING to the elderly today - 'we have been through worse' - the war - polio epidemic - great depression - we are KIWIS - we can get through this - TOGETHER!
we were talking - some of us at west wave - after we found out - closing for 2 weeks - about how this was a great *opportunity* for a fresh start - for the whole world - a time out - a reboot - a rethink about our lives and our choices
(yes very deep and meaningful - its also very very typical - have had many great deep and meaningful conversations with the wonderful community members at west wave - part of greater community 'out west' - lets BE the wave - create positive ripple - create change - through this *opportunity*
BE the change we want to see in the world - we've done it before - this is WHO WE ARE
New Zealanders - WE LEAD THE WORLD - this is WHO WE ARE - as a nation, as a people - time and time and time again - look at the *people* on our money - who they are - what they represent
Sir Edmund Hillary
Kate Sheppard
Sir Āpirana Ngata
Lord Rutherford of Nelson
Sir Ed – how did he do this? WITH Tenzing Norgay– “we stood on top” (not ME - *WE* - who else but a kiwi would say this)- and spent the rest of his life helping the Nepalese people – who he was – what he did – helping others, humble and modest
there is no photo of Hillary at the top – no – only of Norgay - when Norgay offered to take Hillary's photograph Hillary declined—"I motioned to Hillary that I would now take his picture. But for some reason he shook his head; he did not want it"
Kate Sheppard – not only were we the first – 1893 – we had been almost there, *almost* there - for years and years - 1869 the fight officially started - 1878, 1879 and 1887 we were almost there..
MOST countries – women didn’t get the vote until after world war 1 – USA – 1920! (African-American woman – and men – not until the 1960s – some would argue with voter suppression there, still an issue in 2020!)
Sir Āpirana Ngata – yes women got the vote in 1893 – Maori men already had the vote – why – because they earned it, they earned the respect, the mana – read the work done by James Belich – watch his series the New Zealand Wars -
Sir Āpirana – a lawyer, a politician, a statesman, skilled orator – a leader - also known for his work in promoting and protecting Māori culture and language –
Rutherford – do you know what they call him in the history of science –internationally “father of nuclear physics” not just nuclear physic – quantum physic – international *respect* from scientific community for who he was and what he did – his work was the foundation for so many others..
– now nuclear has a bad reputation – New Zealand – we are nuclear free – remember that – that fight – who we are
Welfare state -we led that “from the cradle to the grave” -
Healthcare – we led that – before UK NHS (America, love them – but they can’t do this – why are we looking to them for our behaviour?
ACC, Industry Training - I could go on and on...

oh and the whole TP thing - started in China - people were using it as face masks - so that's how that started - so calm down - stop panic buying, stop panicking, please - calm down and LISTEN to the *experts* and their advice
WHO WE ARE – KIWIS – all race, religion, shapes, size, colours, genders, identity, backgrounds… ALL WELCOME
KIWIS – been having this discussion over and over again – in west wave – all over ‘west’ community – with some tangata whenua – (some, not all – many peoples, many voices)
you come here, you are a kiwi
you come here -you are welcome, *encouraged* - to keep your culture – makes us more diverse – as a people, as a nation -
(me, kiwi born and bred – generations – also proud Irish citizen (long story..)
keep your culture – ALSO adopt OUR culture – be a kiwi –
be a kiwi – live by our rules – no matter where you are from
be kind
be considerate
be thoughtful to and of others
be respectful
be grateful
take care of each other – our community – our environment
be helpful


(that’s just my rules – for me – if you agree – fine – if you don’t – all good)

– no matter where you are from – who you are – haere mai – welcome HOME

Look out for each other – for our community - respect
Kiwi attitude – find the positive
great *opportunity* for a fresh start - for the whole world - a time out - a reboot - a rethink about our lives and our choices
BE the change we want to see in the world - we've done it before - this is WHO WE ARE – as kiwis

'out west' - lets BE the wave - create positive ripple - create change - through this *opportunity*

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Greedy Watercare🚿😒

Fiona from Henderson

Well, the May water bill has landed in our email.
Each month we analyse it to see where or if we can save money and/or water.
What we noticed this month was the last time we got an actual reading was way back in February. The following 3 months have been estimated.
All of the estimated readings were based from our summer usage, when we were watering our gardens.
So, my questions are, "At what point does our usage and payments level out? Will they be paying us for the month of June & July, especially as we have significantly been reducing our water usage over the last few months?"
I understand that lockdown was the reason for the first 2 months estimated readings, however May should've been an actual reading.
It really comes across as if Watercare are bleeding us financially dry, and all the while we are all doing our best to reduce and save.

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David from Glen Eden

A friend from Wales was trapped in Gore during lockdown for several weeks.

Her full valid claim and explanation have been ignored and further contact seems impossible. Her timely request for an hotel refund from ExpediaNZ failed. ExpediaNZ must be making millions out of this process. It seems like fraud to me.
Here is part of their reply:-
"Thank you for getting in touch with us in regards to the booking for Roselands Motel. Please be informed that the voucher of 776 NZD has been issued to your registered account which will expire on 22 May 2021 and this is the best that we can do from our end.

Your co-operation and understanding is highly appreciated in this matter. "
A voucher, as was explained is clearly no use to her.
I would be interested if anyone else has been treated this way. Whenever possible I would always book directly with the hotel rather than any agent. Hotels do appear to honour refunds.