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Should council agency staff get big pay bonuses ? - Reply

Matt from Henderson

Hi Neighbours, Is working for a council agency public service, or should it involve pay bonuses for doing a job well done. Panuku Development has paid $451,000 to 38 of its staff, angering the mayor Phil Goff. Are bonuses appropriate ?

My own response is this. That is a huge lot of money to be giving as bonuses to this particular council agency. Look, at any work place, there should be some work incentive for working so many work hours at any job or workplace for the employees or the job at general I understand that. I used to work at Spotlight, I used to get a christmas bonus with my pay once every year. This was with all Spotlight stores in NZ and in Australia. This was our little perk once every year we employees and the employers get towards December. I don't know what other stores get here in NZ, but I am sure everyone would get the same, not sure though.

Instead of taking bonuses away from work places or any agencies, look at what the MP's at Wellington earn and see if what they earn is actually much more than what the average worker is earning in the way of bonuses.

What do others think?


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