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John Gillon from John Gillon - Kaipatiki Local Board

Hi everyone. There is a lot of confusion over where people can walk and exercise while we're at Alert Level 4, especially as the rules and advice are a little vague and seem to change daily. Some people wrongly think that it is OK to walk to their neighbours for a drink; others wrongly think that it is OK to practice basketball, tennis or soccer at the park...
So I've spoken to senior police about how the rules are being enforced on the North Shore, and reviewed the latest info on the NZ COVID-19 website.

Here are some guidelines to staying as safe as possible and out of trouble (updated 5 April):
* Stay in your local, immediate area. Try to stay within your suburb.
* Wear shoes at all times.
* DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING! When on your walk or at a park, don't touch letterboxes, bus shelters, playground equipment, exercise equipment, picnic tables, seats, signs, bollards, drinking fountains, little libraries, community pantries, dogs, cats, etc. Don't let your children pick up sticks, stones, etc. COVID-19 lives on surfaces and can be transmitted by touch.
* WALKING: You can walk, scooter or cycle to a local park, beach or bushwalk for walking/exercise only (NOT socialising, sunbathing, playing, frisbee, soccer, etc). Stay 2m from everyone at all times. Avoid parts of the park where you could get injured or lost.
* DRIVING: You may drive to a LOCAL park to walk/exercise, but keep as local as possible (within your suburb). No, you can't drive to Takapuna Beach!
* CYCLING: You may cycle further, but still keep as local as possible and stay 2m from everyone at all times. Remember that the purpose is for exercise, so avoid areas where you could get injured or lost.
* SPORTS: Keep out of all skateparks, basketball courts, netball courts, tennis courts, etc, as they are closed for your safety. No soccer, rugby, cricket, etc. Please read this advice from Sport NZ: www.sportnz.org.nz...
* DOGS: Dogs must be on leads everywhere and at all times, even in off-leash areas and dog exercise areas. Keep 2m from other dog owners. Don't touch any dogs. Please read this advice from Auckland Council: ourauckland.aucklandcouncil.govt.nz...
* SCHOOLS: Do not go into schools for any reason. All school grounds have been closed by the Ministry of Education.
* AQUATICS: No swimming, boating, paddleboarding, kayaking, surfing, etc. Message from the Harbour Master: "Basically, unless it is essential to be on the water, you shouldn’t be out there. If someone is in a kayak or dinghy etc and needed help they are tying up resources or putting those who come to help at risk. Same with surfing and stand up paddle boarding." Please read this article: www.nzherald.co.nz...
* Wash your hands with soap when you get home.

For the latest official advice, see: covid19.govt.nz...

NOTE: There is now an increased police presence 24/7 across the North Shore to help deal with COVID-19 matters and complaints. If you have any concerns about a gathering of people, you can contact Police via the website: 105.police.govt.nz

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Ayurvedic & Aromatherapy Massage, Reiki, Organic Facial, Nutrition and Lifestyle Consultations in Beach Haven

Manasi from Beach Haven

Greetings everyone 🙏
Hope you are well and safe.🌺
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Pest Free Auckland

The Team from Auckland Council

Across the months of May and June, we have been asking Aucklanders to create a Pest-Free haven in their backyard through placing traps, pulling weeds, and planting natives.

To help further support Aucklanders we ran a Q&A session with our Pest Free Auckland experts on Instagram and thought we’d share a summary of the great questions and useful answers to get everyone started on their Pest Free Auckland journey.
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Auckland's drought rings alarm bells - is anyone listening?

Todd Niall Reporter from Auckland Stuff

Hi Neighbours, It might be raining but the record dry which is depleting Auckland's water supply is not going away in a hurry. Is it "just a dought?": Read the story below: