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4 days ago

COVID-19 Non-Compliance Report

The Team from Crimestoppers New Zealand

In support of the whole of government response to the Coronavirus (Covid-19), Crimestoppers has developed a reporting process for both the 0800 555 111 and www.crimestoppers... portals.

The anonymous foundation for all our reports remains if required, and all reports that relate to self-isolation breaches, illegal outdoor gatherings or similar, will be immediately forwarded to the appropriate authorities.

Report here:

Crimeline reports do not replace your option to ring police directly on 111 or 105 or your ability to advise the Ministry of Health through the email address.

Keep safe.
Crimestoppers New Zealand

0800 555 111 or www.crimestoppers...
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1 day ago

Its not a holiday or an exercise fest... Not being disrespectful , but people are dying all around the world and they will here too.

Nic from Rothesay Bay

Thanks for your responses, keeping social distancing is imperative and its great on my drive to work and home, to see people out and about, and far too many. Please just be respectful and cognizant of essential workers, that cannot go out for 2 hour walks, and are given attitudes by people who by driving to work make you feel like you are impacting them. And bottom line if people continue to act like they are, we will not be allowed outside our houses. Sorry working at the hospital , I am doing everything in my power to stay safe in order to serve the community, and myself my family or everyone else on the front lines respect the isolation everyone is in, but also ask for consideration..............we can not afford to have runners/biker's / even walkers , sweating, dropping tiny amounts of fluid , spitting ( not in a bad way, in a way that when you exercise you naturally do/we all do ), the mandate is to stay home, you can do exercise but please keep that within your bubble, your street , don't go for a 2 hour walk between neighbourhoods , walk up and down you street, work out online, Sorry its so sad to say that people in this neighbourhood are not smart enough to actually get whats going on. Northland has closed off areas, we should close off our areas also........ What people are doing, and walking in Lululemon gear, with dogs for hours........ absolutely talks to the fact the you are not getting it.!!!!! and people will die as a result , its not an if its a the news, stay inside,
Work out online, don't leave your house, a daily walk is not a walk from Rothesay bay to Milford ....... and for all the cyclists and distance runners, every seat drop that happens will contaminate multiple neighbourhoods . DONT DO IT, if you have to run or cycle up and down you road, you bubble, then do that, you must do that, you have to do that. Every drop of sweat, of spit while you exercise could and in the coming weeks will kill someone. Our community are acting like idiots, no-one wants to stay at home, but pushing the limits of "excercise" because for everyone its hard to stay at home, will kill people. You run, you sweat, a little kid rides his scooter over it and takes it home . I don't think people are comprehending the enormity of this, and the fact we are talking about Microparticles for transmission. No long distance walking, cycling, running between anything out of you street should be allowed, and if you you feel thats OK, then you are right now or certainly will be killing people. So If you can live with that in order to have your bike ride or run , then that is entirely on you. Stay inside, stay in your bubble, stay in your bubble to exercise , to walk . A 10 K ride or walk, will be a death sentence for some, just because you need to exercise and in doing that you sweat on the road/footpath........And those droplets will kill people.

14 hours ago

How considerate are your neighbours?

Jo Haywood Reporter from Homed

Hey neighbours, are you seeing and hearing a lot more of your neighbours during the lockdown? Has it helped you get to know them better - from an acceptable social distance - or is the noise of everyone being home together all the time getting to you?

Now more than ever it's up to all of us to try not to annoy our neighbours, and to be more tolerant ourselves, so here are some easy ways to do just that.

And if you're wondering what makes a good neighbour and what makes a bad one, check out the 12 most annoying neighbour types. How many have you lived next to?