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11 days ago

Police helicopter noise every night

Jay from New Lynn

Since we left level 4 lockdown the police helicopter has begun flying low over New Lynn again, multiple times per night between midnight and 5 am. Please choose someone else's suburb for your flight path, we're getting sick of being woken up every night. And no I would never have bought here if I'd known it was to become under a flight path. Why was there no consultation?

9 minutes ago

Game of the day

Shawna from Avondale

Find the cat

1 day ago

No visible smoke rule for Auckland - it's time.

Jay from New Lynn
Why has Auckland Council consistently voted against controlling emissions from woodburners and open fireplaces? On cold, still days like today many parts of Auckland are blanketed in a layer of smoke. Particulates from woodburner pollution carry carcinogens, cause respiratory problems and decreased life expectancy. This is all well known to the Council yet they continue to allow uncontrolled indoor burning. Christchurch has had a no visible smoke rule for years. It is time Auckland Council got serious about controlling emissions and stopped giving residents a licence to pollute.