Community Organisation

Lady Goodfellow Chapel
University of Waikato
Gate 1
Knighton Rd

EarthDiverse is a nonprofit organisation that incorporates a more comprehensive view of all that Planet 3 has to offer: one that combines all the depth and breadth of human diversity—our social, cultural, ethnic, linguistic and religious diversities—with the vast but threatened splendor of the environmental and biological diversity of our world. At the heart of EarthDiverse is the notion of active engagement with diversity and the principle that learning should be fun and enjoyable in addition to being informative, and the approach that knowledge should be experienced and shared rather than simply known or understood.

EarthDiverse currently offers:

  • courses and classes
  • professional development
  • workshops seminars
  • educational resources
  • experiential learning opportunities

Currently teaching classes in Religious Divesity and Language (Hebrew, Hindi, and Urdu). More coming soon!

See our website <> for more information.