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How do I unfollow a Community Group or Organisation?

If you no longer want to see posts from a particular Community Group or Organisation when you visit the Neighbourly website, you can decide to unfollow that group.

While you can still choose to visit the homepage of any group that is active in your community, you will no longer see any posts in your newsfeed, and you will no longer receive email notifications for their posts or comments. However, to ensure you receive important information in the case of an emergency, you will still receive any urgent alerts they send.

If you would like to unfollow a Community Group or Official using your computer

  • Click on the ORGANISATIONS tab in the black bar at the top of your page
  • Click on the Community Group or Official you wish to unfollow
  • Hover over the FOLLOWING button in the top right hand corner of the group/official's page. Click this to UNFOLLOW

Unfollowing a Community Group or Organisation is currently unavailable on your mobile device but will be added soon.