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What is address verification?

Every member of Neighbourly must be address verified to create a secure and trusted environment.

By ensuring all members are address verified, Neighbourly members gain assurance that they are dealing with real people who live where they say they do.

When you join Neighbourly we will send you a verification code within 3-5 days. Once received this code will allow you complete your Neighbourly registration. If you do not enter this code, your membership will be put on hold 28 days after you first join, until you are verified.  Once you're address verified you'll have access to all the great features on Neighbourly.

In some instances you may also receive an addressed invitation to join Neighbourly, sent directly to your house. If you use the invitation code on this letter to sign up at the same address the letter was sent to, you will be address verified automatically.

If for some reason you are unable to receive mail at your registered address please contact us and we can discuss alternative address verification options.