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Removal of Lead status

If you no longer wish to be a Lead, please contact us and we'll remove your Lead status for you. 

Leads who are inactive for more than three to four months (i.e. have not contributed posts or replies to their Neighbourly community) may have their Lead status removed in order to give other members a chance to take on the role. 

The Neighbourly team is committed to equipping Leads as best as possible to ensure they have a positive experience growing and supporting their Neighbourly communities. 

When can a Lead status be removed?

Leads who do not act in the spirit of Neighbourly within their Neighbourly communities and/or on the Neighbourly Leads Forum may have their status revoked without notification. 

The Neighbourly Lead Terms and Conditions specify that as a Lead, you:

  • will act in the best interests of the Neighbourly community you are the Lead of at all times
  • will not act in any way that will discredit or damage the reputation of Neighbourly
  • abide by the Neighbourly Guidelines for Neighbourly Behaviour and ensure that you do not engage in inappropriate conduct
  • will not agree to be interviewed in your capacity as a Neighbourly Lead or in any other way representing Neighbourly, by any media outlet (including TV, radio, print media, or other online media such as bloggers) without prior consent from Neighbourly
  • understand that a Neighbourly Lead role is a volunteer position and you will not be receiving payment or compensation of any kind during the tenure of your Neighbourly Lead status
  • will not use your position as a Neighbourly Lead to gain personal financial gain or reward (including employment or gain for your organisation)
  • will acknowledge that Neighbourly has key community partners and you will conduct yourself in an appropriate manner when referring to or liaising with these partners through Neighbourly or on behalf of Neighbourly
  • will agree that all moderated and/or removed posts must remain confidential and must not be released to the public or discussed with any other third party

Breaching these Terms may result in the removal of a Lead status.

The Neighbourly team will not discuss the removal of a Lead status with other Neighbourly members as this is a private matter between the Lead concerned and the Neighbourly team.

All Leads are encouraged to read and consider the Neighbourly Leads Forum Guidelines (as stipulated at the top of the Forum) before posting or replying. 

If you are concerned about a Lead's conduct in your community, please contact us.