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Why is contents insurance important?

It’s not uncommon for people to have no idea of how much stuff they actually own or how much it’s worth. Once you start listing all the items you own, you could be surprised just how much everything adds up.  Using the Home Contents Locker will not only help you keep a record of your contents but it also helps you work out how much it could cost to replace these items should anything happen.  And that’s where having contents insurance comes in handy. 

Accidental sudden loss and damage, including theft, can happen more often than you think so it’s important to protect your belongings. In the 2014 calendar year, New Zealand Police recorded 53,265 burglaries*. Having contents insurance means you can be financially compensated if the things you own are lost, stolen or damaged. Just what you’re covered for will depend on your contents insurance policy, however, having a record of your valuables using a tool like the Home Contents Locker can help you work out whether you have the right level of cover for all the items you own.

* Source:, December 2014. Figures are representative of offences per 10,000 population.