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What is the Home Contents Locker and why should I use it?

When making an insurance claim you will be asked to prove you own any lost or stolen items. Keeping a record of receipts, warranties, valuations and serial numbers in a safe and secure place, preferably away from your home, can be useful should you need to provide this information to the Police or your insurance company.

The Neighbourly Home Contents Locker is a private and secure online tool accessible only by you, where you can store and access this information anytime, anywhere, just by logging on to your Neighbourly account. 

Portable items of high value are the most likely things to be stolen so it’s important to take photographs or videos of jewellery, art works and other precious things.

Sometimes items can be easily lost or misplaced, so even if it’s just to keep a record for yourself, you can store this information in the Locker.