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How does Driver Licence Verification work?

We may be able to address verify your Neighbourly account by validating your New Zealand Driver Licence, and matching your name and address using any one of the following available databases:

  • Land Information New Zealand (LINZ)
  • New Zealand Companies Directory
  • White Pages
  • Centrix Credit Verfication (Note: Neighbourly only carries out a "Yes/No" name and address match enquiry and does not receive any credit data relating to individuals)

In the event of an initial match you will be invited to enter your Driver Licence Number and Version Number, which will be validated by a third party supplier approved by the NZ Transport Agency. When validating the Driver Licence no personal information is released, rather a simple yes/no answer will be given if the Driver Licence details match those held by the Transport Agency.

In the event that there is no Driver Licence match, you can still fully verify your Neighbourly account via our standard verification letter. A letter will be mailed out to you within 3 - 5 days. Once this letter arrives just log in to your Neighbourly account and enter the eight-digit verification code supplied in the letter.