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What is Neighbours Day Aotearoa?

Neighbours Day Aotearoa is an annual community-led campaign - proudly supported by Neighbourly.

The purpose is to encourage everyone around New Zealand to make a special effort to connect with their neighbours over the last weekend of March. This year Neighbours Day events take place on 22nd - 31st March.

Neighbourly is keen to get behind the campaign as we believe Neighbours Day is a great opportunity for our members to bring their neighbours together.

Bridging online Neighbourly connections to the real world is important to us so we've created a couple of tools to help you discuss and plan a get-together with your neighbours:

1) Create a post using the title Neighbours Day Aotearoa 2019 on the Neighbourly noticeboard to encourage discussion about celebrating the day in your street or neighbourhood. 

2) Create a Neighbours Day Aotearoa 2019 'event' and invite your closest neighbours to join in. That way, your neighbours will know what's happening in your area. Read more about creating an event.

Keeping Neighbours Day activities and gatherings simple, small and local is often the best way for neighbours to meet. Check out the Neighbours Day website for more tips, resources and ideas on how to join in!

If you decide to give it a go, we'd love to hear your ideas and plans - please keep us updated! We love photos too. We're also happy to talk with you more if you have any further questions, need some ideas or have a great story to share with your local media.