312 days ago

Black cat found in Milford

Doctor from The Vein Centre

Friendly black cat with extra thumbs - found sleeping on my deck for several weeks. Anybody missing him?

437 days ago

No-compression option for summer our hot summer.

Doctor from The Vein Centre

Hot summer should not preclude you from having a treatment done. With our Venaseal (glue) occlusion experience, you can have the first (most important) without necessity of hot compression stockings. Then, when it's colder, sclerotherapy will be performed (if needed) to complete the treatment.

484 days ago

Another week, another glue ablation!

Doctor from The Vein Centre

Another patient has been relieved from varicose veins pain for the hot summer days, after successful glue closure. He left the Clinic without the stockings, with a sclerotherapy treatment planned for colder days!

725 days ago

Cold weather - perfect for veins treatment

Doctor from The Vein Centre

Approaching winter does not necessarily means
bad news only. Why not to take care of your veins when treatment and post-treatment compression is better tolerated? Then your legs will feel much better during the next summer.