About Manchester Unity Friendly Society - United Westland

We carry out two types of activities for our Members – helping and financial.

Helping activities look after the welfare of our Members by:

- Providing subsidised medical prescriptions
- Paying benevolent payments during hardship
- Giving education awards
- Scheduling helping projects and working bees
- Arranging companionship at home
- Transporting to appointments
- Organising social events and Lodge meetings
- Offering Member-only deals to save money
- Issuing Member Discount Cards, and
- Providing affordable holiday homes

Helping activities are our core purpose and are a significant reason for members joining a friendly society like Manchester Unity.

Our Financial activities provide insurance products to our 13,000 members.

We fund our helping activities through members’ spend on:

- Paying insurance premiums
- Booking holiday homes, and
- Remitting lodge membership dues

All policyholders must be members of Manchester Unity.

We are a proudly New Zealand owned mutual insurer.