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About kidzshout

Hi neighbours near and far!

Welcome kidzshout where what we are all about is reforming traditional out of school care to more of a youth club concept.

For ages up to 14 years...where's your intermediate kid going?

We provide a quality, fun, creative community club for your kid just to be involved

kidzshout has enjoyed in its success mainly due to building a great reputation for our free spirited and youthful approach and receiving great testimonials and referrals.

We are centrally located on Meola Road so facilitating a range of neighbouring schools, Point Chevalier, Westmere, Pasadena, Ponsonby...even the older kids are not "too cool" for our out of school club. It is a great blend and mix of ages from young Primary to Intermediate kids that have now joined. It begs the question "where is your kid going" after school at still an early age at Intermediate age of 11 - 14 years?

The kids love the factor that they can get away from the school environment and the too many rules that they are bound to for already 6 hours of their day. We are a fun free but yet managed club giving them an environment to be free at play in woodland surroundings. The club itself is typical of an old Scout hall building, but put some fairy lights on, throw in a bunch of awesome kids and it is quite magical what each day brings at kidzshout.

We are the "great escape from school" and the kids have the chance to make new friends!

Please take a moment to refer to my website, "a space and place that your kids will just love to be involved"...


Thanks neighbourly neighbours!
Jenny ("the kid")!