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  • Myopia control
  • Options include specialty spectacle and contact lenses to reduce myopic onset and progression.

  • Products and Services
  • Glaucoma management

    Our Optometrists have undergone extensive training in the evaluation and management of glaucoma.

    Behavioural Optometry

    Kristine has a keen interest in not only how well your child can see but how they see.

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About Eyes of Howick

Being an independent practice, we offer a broad range of solutions for all ages whether it be glasses or contact lenses.

We perform longer eye exams, providing you with a unique personalised experience along with the best visual solution.

As part of our commitment to providing a high clinical focus, we invest in the best technology for your eyes and our Optometrists are continually attending education events to stay abreast of the latest in eye health care and eyewear technology.

Our dedicated team of eyewear consultants understand that choosing the right pair of glasses is not just a matter of fit. A frame must not only be suitable for your specific optical requirements but it should also reflect your personality and way of life. We enjoy taking the time with you to get this right.

Whether you need to have your eyes tested with one of our Optometrists or would simply like to call in for a viewing or some general advice about our frame collections, we look forward to seeing you.