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    Rehabilitating problem dogs and training humans how to provide leadership.

    Dog walking

    Pack walking with dogs.

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44 days ago

Pack Training

Chris from Alpha 1

"Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen"

62 days ago

Pack Training

Chris from Alpha 1

Creating calm whilst on a pack walk.

67 days ago


Chris from Alpha 1

Hey everyone!

Im hosting a free group session at Chelsea sugar factory in a couple of weeks, check it out on meetup and come along!

72 days ago

Dog Training

Chris from Alpha 1

If you have a dog with problem behaviours - pulling on leash, barking at other dogs, not calm in the house, aggressive. Contact me for a consultation. I guarantee to help you solve your dogs problems (unless its a red zone dog which will have to live with me for a bootcamp) or the session is free!