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What is an Urgent Alert?

Urgent Alerts are an easy way to hear about and communicate urgent crime and safety situations in your neighbourhood. These special messages are sent to Neighbourly members instantly via email as well as posted on the website.

Urgent Alerts are free to send or receive and are intended for rare cases where crime and/or safety is a concern and the community needs to be notified quickly.

Examples of Urgent Alerts include extreme weather warnings, natural disasters, road closures, missing people or a dangerous situation within your community.

You can easily manage your Urgent Alert preferences under Email Settings or Mobile Settings.


SMS (text message) alerts

SMS Urgent Alerts are ideal for local, time-sensitive emergencies that affect a single suburb (no more than 10,000 members).

Neighbourly does pay for every alert sent, and therefore reserves the right to review each alert prior to sending to ensure it is a time-sensitive emergency.