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Dealing with neighbourhood conflict

From time to time you might notice conflict emerging between neighbours on Neighbourly. If you are unsure about how to manage the situation, please feel free to contact the Neighbourly Team.

You can remind members about the mute feature which will hide a specific neighbour's posts from their own newsfeed. Members can hide a post, so they will no longer see it on their Neighbourly noticeboard or in their Digest emails. 

You could also consider posting a reply reminding your community to keep content relevant and the tone respectful, and include a link to the Neighbourly Guidelines

Below is an example of a reply you might post.


Hi everyone, I’m [NAME], one of your neighbourhood Leads. I noticed this discussion is getting a bit off track and am keen to help.

Below are a couple of Neighbourly Help articles that are good reminders for us all.

"What should I do if comments on my post are getting off track?"

"What should I do if a member's comments are upsetting me or I don't agree with them?"

"What can I do if I see a business review I don't agree with?"

Also remember you can delete your own posts or replies at any time by clicking the ‘...’ button.

If disagreements continue then replies on this post might be disabled or the post might be removed from Neighbourly.

Hopefully I have not stepped on anyone’s toes or caused any offence. Let’s all work together to keep Neighbourly friendly and positive.

[NAME] - Neighbourly Lead. 

If you're dealing with ongoing conflict or disputes in your neighbourhood offline, you may want to chat to trusted neighbours and/or fellow Leads, or seek support from a local community organisation, Police, or a Council representative to discuss an appropriate solution.