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How do I use flyers, posters and other printed material to invite my neighbours?

Using flyers, posters or other forms of printed promotional material is a great way to promote Neighbourly in your neighbourhood. You can place posters in busy areas, take flyers to local community events and even leave a flyer on your neighbour's doorstep.

Promotional material is all customisable to show neighbours who is inviting them and is free to download from the Neighbourly Printable Invitation Gallery.

To access this gallery and download printable material using your computer

  • Click the INVITE button in the top right hand corner of the page
  • Select the PRINTABLES option
  • Choose the type of printable invite you would like to use
  • Click DOWNLOAD

We are also here to help you if you want to do something special for your neighbourhood. We may be able to assist with special promotional material free of charge and can even send staff to help explain the benefits of Neighbourly. If you want to discuss your needs further, please contact us.