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Removing inappropriate posts in your community

Neighbourly Leads have special admin rights that enable them to review inappropriate or flagged messages in their Neighbourly community. 

Leads can remove posts or replies from their own neighbourhood in the event that these messages are inappropriate, abusive, commercial or duplicate posts.

When removing a member's comments, Leads might want to send the member a friendly private message that explains why their message has been removed (including referring to the Neighbourly Guidelines) - or to alert the Neighbourly team to the steps taken.

Posts should never be removed by Leads because they are old or no longer relevant; older posts serve as an archive of memories for the community, and they're also good examples of Neighbourly content for new members who might be unsure about what to post on the site. Many posts contain useful information - such as contact details for a good local handyman - that members would like to refer to in the future. 

Neighbourly members can remove their own posts or replies or disable replies to prevent further comments.