How can we help you?

What is a Neighbourly partner and why are they needed?

Our partners play a big part in supporting Neighbourly, helping us grow so we can continue developing the site and launching new features.

It’s important to Neighbourly that our partners are positive contributors to their local communities. We also need them to share our goals of stronger, safer, friendlier places for all New Zealanders to call home.

We’re proud to have a number corporate partners on board: AMIResene, Stuff Fibre and The Warehouse.

You’ll see our partners popping up in different areas of the site - Eg Crime & Safety posts are brought to you by AMI and Lost & Found posts are supported by The Warehouse. Our partners are committed to making Neighbourly a better website for all members.

A few other ways partner support helps…

  • promoting Neighbourly to a new audience and growing membership

  • running exciting new promotions with partner product

  • developing local leadership and supporting the development of Lead resources

  • funding Neighbourly involvement at community events

  • enabling more face-to-face meetups

  • producing Neighbourly collateral

Can partners access member information?

Absolutely not. Neighbourly partners do not have access to any member information.